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Patient Sign-in - Enter into our office and use our fingerprint scanner to check yourself in! Computerized sign-in system helps with our patient flow. Our patient "GPS" system allows us to track each patient’s status throughout their appointment to ensure timeliness and efficiency. Something that we take pride in. While you are here you can also spend a moment checking out the latest lucky patient on the winner board. They won fun things like, a $50 gift card to the mall.

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Front Desk - Even when busy, our office never feels congested or claustrophobic. The Tuscany colors and large windows throughout the office, create a bright, open and relaxing atmosphere. Our friendly staff and doctor always make you feel right at home. Remember before leaving to collect points on your "Patient Rewards" card.

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Reception Area - Our reception area always gets the compliment that "It feels like an upscale hotel". Clean, comfortable, inviting and roomy means you get to relax while your child is at their appointment. We also use this area, after hours for teaching and continuing education seminars, for other dental professionals.

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Starbucks Coffee Bar - Regular or Decaf? Complete with a brew your own Starbucks coffee bar, you can enjoy freshly made coffee, tea, sparkling water and hot chocolate. Please ask us for the password to our complimentary Wi-Fi, so you can also check your emails while you wait for your child to have their braces adjusted.

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Game Room -The game room serves to entertain friends and family members while they wait - before, during, and after appointments. The game room encourages patients to arrive early for their appointments, which helps our schedule to run on time. Many patients play the games after their appointments while they wait for their parents to return from running errands. Sometimes patients even come in when they don't even have an appointment, just to play their favorite game!

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Game Room - Our arcade-style game room is complete with "Rush the Rock", a sit down car racing game. They are linked together, so join with a friend and race each other to the finish line. Earn extra balls on the "Star Wars" pinball machine. Remember "Pack Man" and "Centipede"? We have those too! Don't forget to put in your name if you get the highest score, you might see it still there at your next visit.

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Treatment Theater - Our clinical area has an open design to facilitate communication between the doctor, staff, patients and parents. Parents are always welcome in the clinic area and be involved in their child's treatment. All patients are generally seen in the same open clinic area; however, if desired, semi-private areas and private rooms are available. Each chair in the clinic has its own computer and monitor that allows for digital patient charting, digital x-rays and photos, and for accessing orthodontic software to facilitate patient education and communicate progress throughout treatment.

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Sterilization Center - Our sterilization center is hospital-grade and state-of-the-art. We meet or exceed all OSHA standards and regulations for occupational safety and health administration. All patient instruments are stored in individual cassettes, wrapped in surgical grade sterilization wrap and carefully sterilized. We take extra precautions to ensure the health and safety of each and every patient.

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Tooth Brushing Station - Our tooth brushing station is a convenient area for patients to brush, floss and rinse before, during, or after appointments. There are two different heights of the sinks. One for our younger patients and one for the adults. Our disposable toothbrushes have toothpaste incorporated in the bristles and encourage clean teeth at all times.

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Exam Room - Our Orthodontic examination room is equipped with a double screen computer, multiple visual aids and orthodontic appliances to enhance the understanding of orthodontic treatments. We are a paperless office, meaning we have no paper charts and all your child's information available in one spot. This is environmentally friendly and adds to our promise of excellent patient care.

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Records Room - Our records room is used for digital clinical photography as well as impressions (for study models, appliances, and Invisalign®). We understand that many patients don't like having these records taken in a public area, so this room allows for comfort and privacy during these appointments.

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Consultation Room - Our Consultation room is a private room that is used for in-depth consultation appointments. The large double computer screens make it easy to see and understand your child's orthodontic diagnosis and course of orthodontic treatment.

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X-ray Cove - Our x-ray cove contains a Planmeca Digital Panoramic and Cephalometric radiographic machine. The sensor on this digital x-ray machine is extremely sensitive, allowing for optimal resolution of images with minimal radiation exposure. Our x-ray machine is networked throughout our office and images appear instantly on any computer. These digital images also facilitate direct communication with a patient’s general dentist or other dental specialists.

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Lab - Having a built in orthodontic lab in the office is a great benefit to the patients. If a patient misplaces a retainer, this allows for a quick turnaround time to get a new one. Less time without a retainer means less chance that teeth have to move on their own.

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Staff Lounge - We have a built in staff lounge where they get to enjoy the luxury of a refrigerator, dishwasher, cafe style table and microwave.

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